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We conduct a rigorous onboarding audit

More often than you may realize, companies spend millions of dollars on cutting-edge enterprise technology… only to not realize the full potential of that technology or system. These enterprise endeavors either fail at the implementation stage, or fail to solve for the actual needs of the company in the first place. With our extensive experience creating enterprise systems, that won’t happen. We conduct a rigorous onboarding audit aimed specifically at your unique business needs to ensure your enterprise system works for you… not against you.

Whether your business needs to scale to millions of transactions or you need to solve complicated logistical problems, we can help you develop a solution that not onlyfits your enterprise today,but can grow with you into tomorrow. Here are some of our areas of focus:

Event-driven Architectures
If you’re looking to scale your business while integrating multiple systems together… all without creating critical failure points? Then an event-driven architecture could be the answer to your question. Let us work with you to assess whether implementing an event-driven integration is right for your business!
Service-oriented Architectures
When you have multiple systems working together in real time to power your business and you’re trying to deliver a seamless customer experience journey with no lag time or pain points? Then a service-oriented architecture might be right for your business. We can help you map out what services and systems need to communicate as well as plan and implement an API that provides real-time connections between systems in your enterprise.
Middleware implementation
I’d wager you have data flowing into and out of various systems throughout your tech stack. But, does that data look the same across those systems? If not, don’t fret — most of us find ourselves in that situation. And luckily for you, Leverture can help. We identify and implement middleware solutions that let your data flow from system to system without losing data integrity. We also enable you to extend your applications to handle unique use cases in your enterprise. Let’s get together and leverage middleware together to bend your unruly platforms to your will.
Business Process Management Systems
If your business strategies and processes could use an overhaul — whether to break into a new market opportunity or just to keep up with the pace of digital transformation — a BPM system could be a boon to your business. We can help you synchronize advanced analytics, activity monitoring, and decision management capabilities to better coordinate people, systems, information and material to achieve business outcomes. And, we can do all this without necessarily writing new code or enjoining you to hire/manage a long-term team of developers.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation and integration
Are you looking to implement or maintain an ERP solution in your enterprise? Have you considered how to ensure all your platforms can communicate with and integrate into an ERP tool? We possess the extensive experience integrating and extending ERP platforms to ensure your platforms serve your business.

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