IT Strategy

Technology is no longer just a function that supports your day to day business operation: it's an integral part of your businesses success. We leverage technology by creating customized IT strategy that harnesses the power of technology to benefit your company now and secures the future of your business.

Enterprise Systems

Companies can spend millions of dollars on cutting edge enterprise technologies...and still not leverage the full potential of their systems. Many enterprise endeavors either fail to get implemented properly, or fail to solve the needs of the company. With our extensive experience creating enterprise systems, that won't happen. We take what your business needs into account so that your enterprise system works for you and not against you.

Mobile Applications

Within the past decade technology has progressed with leaps and bounds. Mobile devices play an integral role in that process. Today, users can shop for groceries, pay their cell phone bill and look for romantic interests in their pockets and palms. We maximise the influence of a mobile presence and the utility that it provides not only to customers but also to companies. Our mobility practice assesses the market that your company is in and determines the best way to tie a mobile presence into your market while aligning with your corporate strategy.

Web Application Development

The Web remains the most ubiquitous tool for companies to leverage both internally and externally to drive productivity and profitability. Both customers and employees use the web to communicate and interact with the enterprise. We can help provide a more engaging and useful experience for your users. Whether you want to provide a portal for your customers to access your products or you want to make an internal application that your team can use to be more productive, we can help!

Azure DevOps and Sys admin

You work your tail off to get to deployment… only to have to work the following weekend because it’s not ready for primetime. You can hardly spend time on strategy or product design because you’re spending so much time fighting fires, especially after deployments. You’re constantly worried about updates or feature additions because deployments are such a headache.

Enterprise WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used content management platform on the web. If you’re a business anywhere in the world today, there’s a strong likelihood you use WordPress to tell the world what your business does. For some of those businesses, WordPress powers their ability to communicate or transact with their clients and/or customers. The bottom line is that WordPress is ubiquitous… but most agencies have not adapted to the specific needs of enterprise customers.

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